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Special Needs and Senior Pigs

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Because we are a non-profit organization, we depend upon donations to care for our guinea pigs.

Some of our seniors, though often healthy for the most part, are overlooked for adoption due to their age. Other guinea pigs have on-going health issues that require specialized care and will not be made available for adoption due to this. These guinea pigs usually become part of our “sanctuary” and stay within the rescue. We need to continue to raise funds to support them and provide for their medical needs as needed.

If you’d like to contribute to our medical fund, which we use to treat their ongoing medical issues, contact us for our address if you would like to send a check, or make a donation by credit card via PayPal by clicking on the button below.

Dusty – Special Needs- Senior

Dusty was one of the first pigs we rescued. He was seized from a hoarding situation by animal control officers and sent to the West L.A. shelter where he was treated for malnutrition and scurvy. Since he has a heart condition he has remained in our sanctuary for the past four years. He is probably around 6 years old now and he takes medication to increase his heart function.

Winky and Boots – Male – Adult

Winky was born on Christmas Eve, 2003. He is small, even for a Skinny, and a little bit shy but Spunky. His mission in life is to make sure that no vegetables are left uneaten. Winky’s roommate is Boots, a black and white Skinny with funny white feet. We do not know Boots’ age, but think he is somewhere between 5 and 6 years of age. Although they are not the best of friends, Winky and Boots coexist in the same cage with very little friction. Because they are Skinnies, they are special needs. They were once adopted with Wallie and Arnold then returned, we don’t know why. Since they have had such a turbulent life we want to make sure that Winky and Boots go to an excellent (adult) home. They require adopters who are experienced with Skinnies and very knowledgeable about guinea pigs.

Itchy – Male – Special Needs

Itchy was surrendered to us with his brother, Scratchy, from a private home in the summer of 2003. Both were suffering from a severe case of mites, scurvy, and malnutrition. They were purchased as a child’s pet and nearly starved, forgotten in the child’s bedroom. After intensive care they rebounded to good health but the neglect left them with damaged kidneys. Scratchy passed away in 2005 and Itchy lives with Nixie now. He takes medication for kidney failure and gets subcue fluids regularly.

Madison – Female – Special Needs

Madison was abandoned at the Irvine Animal Care Center in early 2003. She had a severe head tilt and skull x-rays revealed a large mass in her inner ear. Her head tilt is permanent and she keeps one eye half-closed. Although she was deemed healthy by our veterinarian she later developed a condition of the bladder known as sludge. She gets medication to balance out the pH of her bladder and reduce the crystals.

Rusty – Male – Senior

Rusty is a red Satin adult male. He is very sweet, used to people and easy to handle. He was rescued in a neglected state from a classroom. He is in need of a loving forever home filled with veggies and hay, so he’ll never go hungry again. Very charming little guy, but shy sometimes.

Giuseppe – Male – Senior

Giuseppe is an adult black boar. He is very sweet and loving once he gets to know you. He gets along well with other piggies. He is content to sit in your lap for hours, and likes it when you have a treat for him.

Alfredo – Male – Senior

Alfredo is a beautiful Silkie boar.

He was rescued from a large dump at a Pomona shelter. He is about 7 and a half years old, but has never had any major health issues. He is available for adoption only to an experienced and very special home.

He currently nannies rotating baby boars since his brother Romano passed away recently.

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