Why Cavies need rescuing

A Rescue in Progress

Here we are at an L.A. area shelter rescuing sixteen guinea pigs who were part of an out-of-control breeding situation.

Setting up carriers so that we can take the guinea pigs home. Since all the pigs go to different locations, it’s a big job!

Each guinea pig is weighed. This is a very pregnant female. The weights help us calculate how much Ivermectin they get.

Their weight, sex, age, color, and condition is recorded. Sometimes the pigs are so ill that they go right to the vet.

Each guinea pig is given a dose of Ivermectin to treat mites and lice. This is a standard routine that we do with all rescues.

Here is a boar with a bad case of mites, which causes very itchy scabs. Mites is particularly common in pet store pigs.

Everyone gets some fresh green veggies and hay. This is atop priority as sometimes the pigs are vitamin C deficient.

Sows are separated into one cage and they huddle together. Many shelters do not separate the sexes, thus most females are pregnant.

The boars are ready to go home!

Volunteers decide which pigs they can foster. If we don’t find fosters, we can’t get the pigs out of the shelters.

A pig gets cuddled while he waits to get his picture taken. He will hopefully find a forever home soon.

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