How You Can Help

Several ways you can make a real difference now!

Adopt a Guinea Pig

Many of our adoptable pigs are listed on this site. You can adopt Sows, Boars and Couples. We also often have animals that have not quite made it to the website yet so if you are interested in adopting a guinea pig please don’t hesitate to contact us for an application. There is also a tax-deductible adoption donation to adopt our guinea pigs. Want to find out about some our previous happy adoption stories? There is also a FAQsection for any questions you might have about adopting a guinea pig from us.


If you shop online, please consider registering with iGive. A percentage of what you spend will go to OCCH and help us take care of the guinea pigs. Most of the stores you shop at probably will let you use iGive.

Cafepress Store

Our Cafepress Store sells a lot of very cute guinea pig related items. Please consider doing some shopping to support our rescue efforts.

Donations Needed

  • Monetary donations or supermarket gift cards to pay for vegetables
  • Plain guinea pig pellets (Kleenmama, Mazuri, Oxbow or Kaytee)
  • Timothy, Oat or other grass Hay
  • Coroplast for cages
  • Storage grids to build cages
  • Digital cameras to photograph shelter pigs
  • Flat bottom pet store cages to donate to shelters
  • Copy cards from Kinko’s or Office Depot
  • Cutting boards to keep guinea pigs’ feet off wire flooring at shelters
  • Pigloos or hidey houses to make pigs more comfortable
  • Towels, fleece, rugs or other clean soft washable bedding
  • Large packages of Carefresh bedding, Aspen or kiln-dried pine shavings
  • Water bottles and heavy food bowls

Cash for Critters

Recycle for the Animals: Help the guinea pigs and the environment. Turn trash into donations! OC Cavy Haven is collecting empty ink jet, laser printer cartridges and digital cell phones. We recycle them and earn funds for our rescue as part of the Cash for Critters Program. See if your employer or business will donate their used cartridges!

Check the Cash for Critters website which cartridges are accepted.

Attention Ralph’s Shoppers!

Help the guinea pigs for free! Every time you use your Ralph’s Club Card, Ralph’s will send a percentage of your grocery bill to OCCH. Please click this website and enter your card number and info:

Simply click sign up as a PARTICIPANT and enter OCCH’s NPO # which is 82661 along with the rest of your information.

Thank you for your support!

NOTE: Due to a change in Ralph’s terms and conditions, if you registered before Sept 1st of 2007, you will need to go to the above site and re-register.


Shopping online? Register with SmartRaise via this link A percentage of your overall purchases will be donated to OCCH. Most popular retailers are partnered with SmartRaise.


Start using as your search engine and online shopping mall! Every time you search the Internet via goodsearch or make an online purchase at one of their partner merchants, GoodSearch makes a donation to OCCH. Simply select Orange County Cavy Haven from the list of charities to sign up.


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