Happy Adoptions

Happy Adoption Stories

These are just a few of the many happy adoptions through Orange County Cavy Haven.

If you have adopted a guinea pig from us and are interested in being featured on this page please send an email with your story and a picture to cavyhaven_info@yahoo.com.

If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig yourself please visit our adoption page or contact us.

Marqel with Gitters and adopted friend Girlfriend (formerly Daria)
Chipmunk and Finnegan
Isha and Smudge
Teensy &Tuscany with Nia
Courtney with Scooby and Scooter
Daisy (right) was adopted in September 2002 as a friend for Minnie (left) and Charlotte (center).
Kathy with Rosie and Posie (formally Harriet and Rose)
Jeanne and Bessie and Calliope
Amanda and Smoky
Shannon and Oreo and Pixie
Anji (front) was adopted as a friend for Stanley
Melba and Edna, a mother and daughter pair, were adopted fron the West LA City shelter.
Psyche (formerly Alice) and Callisto (formerly Astrid) with friends Nutmeg, Elora, and Gabrielle
Duchess Summer Lilyputian and Princess Thumbelina Fairy, formerly Lily and Summer, enjoy supervised romps on the grass at their new home.
Comfort (formerly Chocolate) was adopted from the Pasadena SPCA. Both the adopter and Comfort are very happy.
Roxie and Kiki were adopted from the West LA City shelter. Congrats to Jen!
Snowball, now Hank (right), was adopted from the West LA Shelter as a buddy for Louie.
Teddy (formerly Freddie – neutered boar) was adopted as a buddy to Polly. They are getting along fabulously.
Laura (in the house), Althea in back and Diane in the foreground were all adopted from the Castaic shelter. The later 2 were abandoned in a parking lot, but they now have a loving home. Diana even gives piggie kisses!
Deputy Doofy and Natasha are enjoying their new digs and family.
Nori (formerly Miki from the SEACCA shelter) was adopted as a friend for Dude, a neutered boar.
Spencer was adopted from the Baldwin Park County Animal Shelter.
Teddy (L) was adopted as a new buddy for Toby (R). They’re both settling in nicely. Maggie and Cashew
Betty and Wilma enjoy their new digs.

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