Happy Adoptions

Happy Adoptions
These are just a few of the many happy adoptions through Orange County Cavy Haven.
If you have adopted a guinea pig from us and are interested in being featured on this page please send an email with your story and a picture to occavyhaven@cavyhaven.org.
If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig yourself please visit our adoptables page or contact us.
Anji (front) was adopted as a friend for Stanley

Shannon and Oreo and Pixie

Amanda and Smoky

Jeanne and Bessie and Calliope

Kathy with Rosie and Posie (formally Harriet and Rose)

Daisy (right) was adopted in September 2002 as a friend for Minnie (left) and Charlotte (center).
Courtney with Scooby and Scooter
Teensy &Tuscany with Nia
Isha and Smudge
Chipmunk and Finnegan
Marqel with Gitters and adopted friend Girlfriend (formerly Daria)