Boar Stories

Boar Stories

It is a common misconception that guinea pig males will never get along with other males. In fact boars often bond with other boars and can live happily together.

Here are a few examples of boars living happily with other boars.

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Erin’s Boars, Fudge and Sparky: “Fudge and Sparky were introduced when Fudge was 7 weeks and Sparky 5 weeks old. They’ve been together since. Fudge is the dominant boar, and Sparky will cry if Fudge gets cuddle time and he’s left in the cage without his friend.”
Sunny’s boars, Fido, Winnie, and Rover: “I think the KEY to boars living together is giving them PLENTY of room and exactly the same size house. Also offering two food dishes and water bottles may help. And put hay in more than one area of the cage. Just limit the things they have to share.”
Scottie and Squeakers are a rescued pair living in foster. Squeakers is 1 year old and Scottie is 4 months. Scottie is definitely the dominant pig, and they love each other very much. They do everything together.
Nikki’s boars, Piggy Boy and Billy Bob. They were introduced when Billy Bob was 3 (he was dumped on a pet store doorstep) and Piggy Boy was 4 months. Now 4 and 1 years old, they still get along fabulously.
Leebee’s Boars, Charles, Nelson, and Reilly: “Nelson was younger when introduced to the two older males. They had small squabbles, but really got along very well. Boars have so much personality! I can’t imagine not having my boars.”Y
Rescued boars, Malcolm and Dexter: These two young boars are brothers, but many boar pairs are unrelated and get along just fine. Malcolm and Dexter were adopted on Christmas Eve.
Possum and Snickers are a rescue pair who were adopted in November 2002. Possum was the loneliest piggy we ever saw. He would cry pitifully every time he saw another pig. Although the introduction period was a little rough, they now get along great and are enjoying their new home.

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