Dusty – Male – Adult
Dusty is always the life of the party. He has so much personality that we suspect he went to guinea pig charm school before landing at our rescue two years ago. He was near starvation then, and now he is a very muscular, athletic three-pound pig. He’s had a hard life but that has all been over for some time. Now, he’s the most pampered pig around. Dusty is unhappy in a cage, so he lives free-range in an indoor gated area with two large rabbits who keep his ears groomed. He loves to run up his ramp and relax in his custom-made loft. We suspect that he is an older pig (at least three) but it’s hard to believe since he can outrun even then most determined human. Dusty will sit still for a head scratch, however, and although he will politely endure lap time, he would much rather be running around begging for food. We consider Dusty to be a special needs pig–he feels that he needs cantaloupe at least twice daily or he will wear you down until you give him some. He knows exactly what a fridge is and what comes out of it. If you have access to cantaloupe, and fantasize about building your guinea pig an elaborate indoor run, Dusty may be the right piggy for you.
Eddie – Male – Adult
Eddie is a sensitive soul who was born to be a lap pig. All he really wants is for someone to love him but so far he hasn’t had a lot of luck. After being at the rescue for two years, a nice lady adopted him and took him home. She held him all the time and made him feel that he was special. But unfortunately the lady had to move and she returned Eddie to the rescue. He was so heartbroken the first day that he cried all night long, which upset all the other animals in the house. He adjusted over time but it was obvious that he was mourning. His foster tries to hold him as much as she can but there isn’t always time. If no one comes to pet him, eventually Eddie will stop eating. He always chooses affection over veggies, something that makes him unlike all the other pigs in the rescue. If you hold him in the crook of your arm and rub the little crest on his head, Eddie is in heaven. We know that there is someone out there who will make him feel once again that he is someone special. Are you the one?