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Many of our adoptable pigs are listed on this page and the Boars and Couples pages. We also often have animals that have not quite made it to the website yet so if you are interested in adopting a guinea pig please don’t hesitate to contact us for an application. There is also a tax-deductible adoption donation to adopt our guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs with “**” next to their name need to be adopted to an experienced guinea pig home due to reasons stated in their description.

Frieda – Female – Young Adult

Frieda (tricolored) is about 5-6 months old. She loves her hidey house and running circles around her food dish. She is partially potty trained, as she uses the same corner of her cage. Freida is energetic, playful, and smart. She is laid back once in your lap, and enjoys cuddling in a nice warm fleece blanket as you pet her.

She was dumped pregnant at a high kill shelter with 14 other guinea pigs. Freida recently said good by to her two baby boys and is looking for her permanent loving home of her own. She doesn’t mind being brushed or bathed, and she is never afraid to tell you what she wants!

Pebbles – Female – Young Adult

Pebbles (agouti and white) is lucky to be alive. She was rescued from a shelter at the brink of euthanasia. She is a quick learner and since being in foster care, she has blossomed into a people-friendly lap pet. Pebbles is about 7-8 months old, has medium length hair, and is always wanting kisses. She is not afraid to relax, lay down, and stretch out while you hold her and will wheek enthusiastically when fresh veggies are near.

Verona – Female – Young Adult

Verona was dumped at a shelter with six other guinea pigs. She was neglected but she is a sweet girl. She is a pretty pink eyed white girl. She may not be a fancy or colorful pig but she is outgoing, a great lap pig and loves her veggies.

Sugar – Female – Young Adult

Sugar is a beautiful young lilac girl. She is lucky to be alive. She was dumped at a shelter with 12 other guinea pigs and quickly red listed for euthanasia. She is a nice lap pig, very vocal and loves her veggies.

Florence – Female – Young Adult

Florence is a pretty tricolor sow. She was dumped at a shelter shortly after giving birth with 15 other guinea pigs. She currently lives with Verona. She is a sweet little girl.

Ophelia – Female – Adult

Ophelia is a pretty black and white sow. She was dumped at a shelter with 15 other guinea pigs. She is a good lap pig and likes pets. She may be pregnant so she won’t be available for adoption until mid-December.

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