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Many of our adoptable pigs are listed on this page and the Sow and Couples pages. We also often have animals that have not quite made it to the website yet so if you are interested in adopting a guinea pig please don’t hesitate to contact us for an application. There is also a tax-deductible adoption donation to adopt our guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs with “**” next to their name need to be adopted to an experienced guinea pig home due to reasons stated in their description.

Bill – Male – Young
Murray – Male – Young Adult

Murray was dumped at an L.A. county shelter with 8 other pigs, all pretty golden agoutis like him.

He was underweight when he came to us, so much so that he had a lot of loose skin which he has filled out nicely. He was very thirsty and hungry. But when he saw how big his cage was, he popcorned all around and ran circles around is food dish. Although Murray was a bit shy at first, he now understands that he’s not in danger anymore and has turned out to be a pretty relaxed lap pig.

He sure would like to have a forever home with his roomie, Billy. They love each other very much and would like to stay together. Billy was the runt of his litter when his mom was rescued pregnant, but now he is bigger than Murray!

Ethan – Male – Adult
Hobbes – Male – Baby

Ethan is a handsome abby boar, just over 2 years old. He was born in our rescue from a pregnant sow we took in from the Orange shelter. He had been living with a special needs boar who unfortunately passed away recently. He is now available for adoption. He’s very vocal, mellow, loves his hay and veggies, and is people-friendly. He’s used to being around non-aggressive dogs and cats. He would do best in a home with a lonely baby boar as he can be dominant with other guinea pigs.

Hobbes is a cute white and silver agouti flecked Silkie boy. He was shy when he came to us as a baby but he has blossomed and is very vocal and outgoing. He’d make a great addition to your family.

Ethan and Hobbes are currently living together and would like to be adopted as a pair.

Smokey – Male – Young Adult
Coop – Male – Baby

Smokey is a handsome golden agouti and white short hair boy, about 7-8 months old. He’s tamed up and curls up like a puppy in your lap. He’s a sweet guy who enjoys perching on top of his pigloo to see if you have any treats for him.

He’s currently paired up with Coop, a darling tricolor abby boy, who’s a month old. They get along well so they’d like to be adopted together.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore – Males – Babies

These three sweet PEW (pink eyed whites) baby boys were dumped outside an animal shelter so we don’t have much info on them but they were likely a surprise litter from someone who didn’t want to deal with the babies. They are a bit shy but they are warming up and very playful.

They are about 8 weeks old and can either be adopted singly as a buddy to your lonely adult boar, in pairs, or as a trio.

Julius – Male – Young Adult
Caesar – Male – Baby

Julius is a handsome golden agouti mix boy, just under a year old. He was neglected when he was dumped at a shelter with 12 other guinea pigs. He is lucky to be alive as he was red-listed and scheduled to be put to sleep. Now he is in foster care and getting his daily dose of vitamin C.

Caesar is a handsome chocolate and white short hair baby boy, with soft almost sheltie like hair. He is an active and vocal little guy. He lives with Julius.

Edward and Alphonse – Males – Young Adult

These cute boys are lucky to be alive. They were rescued right before they were due to be euthanized at a high kill shelter.

Alphonse is a little dominant to his roomie, but still skittish around people. Edward is curious and the first to explore anything new, he’s laid back and doesn’t mind if Al insists on getting first dibs on the hay. Eddie loves to run laps and get Al to play tag with him. Both are still getting used to being picked up, but they enjoy receiving pets (Al absolutely melts, Ed will enjoy for a bit then he wants to explore).

Ed’s a silkie. Al’s a short hair. Both have adorable white chins and are well behaved during their nail trims (provided they have some veggies to munch on).

Snickers – Male – Young Adult

Snickers is a handsome 8 month old chocolate abby boy. He was dumped at a high kill pound where they said he was “mean”. Whoever said that obviously didn’t understand guinea pigs. He is actually a nice lil guy, and full of personality. He is fairly easy to handle and likes pets. This little charmer would love a nice forever home to call his own.

Gilligan – Male – Baby
Sheki – Male – Adult

Born 10/6. Gilligan is a handsome baby boar. His mom was rescued pregnant from a shelter. He can be adopted as a buddy to your lonely adult boar.

Sheki is a handsome dark eyed white male. He’s super sweet and tame. He was born in our rescue in early 2006. He currently is paired with Gilligan.

Dwight – Male – Baby

Born 10/25. Dwight is an adorable black and white abby boy. Dwight’s mom was rescued pregnant from an animal shelter. He can be adopted with one of his brothers Roosevelt or William, or as a buddy to your lonely adult boar.

William – Male – Baby

Born 10/25. William is a handsome black abby boy. His mom was rescued pregnant from an animal shelter. He can be adopted with one of his brothers Dwight or Roosevelt, or adopted as a buddy to your lonely adult boar.

Roosevelt – Male – Baby

Born 10/25. Roosevelt (L) is a handsome chocolate and white abby boy. He is a sweet little boy. His mom was rescued pregnant from an animal shelter. He can be adopted with one of his brothers, Dwight (also pictured; R) or William, or as a buddy to your lonely adult boar.

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