Orange County Cavy Haven

OCCH Recognized as a 501(c)3 Charity — Finally!
After just three years of operation, Orange County Cavy Haven has been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. This means that OCCH will qualify for grants, rescue discounts on supplies and event fees, and that donations for the piggies are tax-deductible. This will help the rescue immensely and enable us to save more guinea pigs as well as develop our educational program.
We are proud to be counted among the very few guinea pig rescues in the U.S. who are recognized as 501(c)3 organizations. OCCH would not have come this far without the help of our very caring public and some wonderful adopters. We saved over 100 guinea pigs in 2004 and we hope to surpass that in 2005!
If you are looking to adopt a guinea pig, please check our “adopt” pages. We may have new piggies who are not on the website yet.
Here are some other ways you can adopt through OCCH:
Our Shelter Adoption program is run by a wonderful volunteer who somehow manages to keep tabs on most of the piggies in the LA shelters despite having very few volunteers to assist her. Our “shelter scouts” go into the shelters and separate the guinea pigs by sex, bring them hay and veggies, and take their photos so that we can advertise them on the website. This has prevented many guinea pigs from being euthanized and we would like to thank our great scouts for the lives they have saved. If you would like to help shelter piggies, please email
Our Private Adoption program is maintained by two volunteers who match people who are looking to rehome their piggies with potential adopters. They keep a current database of available guinea pigs for adoption and this keeps many guinea pigs out of the shelters. If you are looking to rehome your guinea pig, our volunteers can help you meet and screen potential adopters. We are having great success with this program! Please do not take your guinea pigs to a shelter. Most shelter guinea pigs never even get a chance to be adopted. Email our private adoption counselor at
Don’t forget to check out our “Adopt” pages to see the available piggies at OCCH.Sponsor a Pig at
Orange County Cavy Haven
Some of our pigs need medical treatment before they will be ready to be adopted, unfortunately we don’t always have the funds available to treat all of them.  Please visit our Sponsor a Pig page for more information on these special pigs.